What is Mergin?

Mergin is a service to synchronise various data between different users and platforms. It is similar to generic file sharing platforms (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) but more geared towards geo-spatial datasets.

Where can I use Mergin?

You can interact with the Mergin service through QGIS, website and Input mobile application.

What is a typical workflow for using the Mergin service?

After registering with the Mergin service, you will need to set up a QGIS project on your desktop. You can then upload your project and associated data to Mergin, either directly through the website, or via Mergin plugin in QGIS. The project can be accessed on Input mobile application. You can start collecting data and upload back the changes to the Mergin service.

Can I share my projects with other collaborators?

Yes. For each project you can invite other Mergin users to view or edit your projects.

Does Mergin synchronize only geo-spatial data?

No. All the files within your project folder, including photos, non-spatial tables, etc, get synchronised.

What if, members of my team, have no knowledge of GIS and just want to collect data?

You can set up a project for them in QGIS, upload it to Mergin. They will be able to clone the project on the Mergin Website and continue working on it from Input.

Can I use Mergin for free?

Yes. We offer free tier for up to 100 MB data usage. For more, you need to sign up to one of our paid plans.

Is Mergin suitable for production work?

Yes, absolutely! Mergin is already being used for production work by many users.

As a developer, can I programmatically interact with the Mergin service?

Yes. There is Python API available and more - see the Developers section.