In this post, we will synchronise the data collected in the previous tutorial to Mergin. This will allow us to see the collected data on the PC using QGIS.

Synchronising data

The data you have captured on your phone can be synchronised through the Mergin service.

In Input app, select Projects and then My projects. You should see a double arrow on the right side of the Potholes survey.

Sharing projects through Mergin

Select the double arrow to sync your project. You can also open QGIS from your PC/laptop and synchronise changes back to your desktop:

In QGIS, from the Browser Panel under Mergin > My projects right-click on Potholes survey and select Synchronize

Sharing projects through Mergin

After synchronising is completed, you should be able to see the point and its associated form on your QGIS.

Sharing projects through Mergin