In this post, we will transfer the project and associated data set up in the previous tutorial to the mobile device using the Mergin service.

Transferring data to mobile devices

You have 2 options to transfer your data to the mobile through the Mergin service: through website or through Mergin plugin in QGIS. In this tutorial we are going to use the Mergin plugin from within QGIS.

In QGIS, from the main menu, select Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins …. A new window will appear. From the left panel, select All and then in the search section (on the top) search for Mergin. Select the plugin from the list and click on Install plugin. After installation, you need to restart your QGIS.

After the restart, you should be able to see the Mergin icon in your Browser Panel:

Sharing projects through Mergin

In the Browser Panel, right click on the Mergin and select Configure. Type in your username (or email address) and password that you have registered with the Mergin service.

Sharing projects through Mergin

Click on Test Connection and you should see a green OK.

If you have selected to Save credentials (so you do not need to type in the username and password again) and you have not configured QGIS password manager, you will be prompted to set a password for your QGIS password manager.

After clicking OK, you should see a list of folders on your Mergin connection in your browser panel:

Sharing projects through Mergin

We can know upload the data:

Right click on the Mergin and select Create new project. A new window will appear:

For Project name type Potholes survey

Select Initialize from local drive

Click on … and and select data collection folder

Sharing projects through Mergin

Once click OK, the project will be created and content of the data collection folder will be uploaded there.

The project is now ready to be downloaded on your mobile device, so that you can start the survey.