There are several methods of creating a new project in Mergin:

Create a blank project

  • To create a new project, select + Create in front of Projects
  • A new window will appear:
    • For Name type your project name
    • For Project owner select your username or your organisation
    • By default the project is private. You can choose the option to make it Public

history advanced

history advanced

After creating a new project, you should be directed to the project page. To add files to your project:

  • Click on Drage & drop here to click and select file(s) to upload
  • You can then files or folders to upload
  • Once the files and folders are selected, press Update

Upload files

Create a project from template

Similar to the above process, but in the new project window, under Template project you can select a template from the list.

Cloning an existing project

To clone and existing project:

  • Open the project link in your web browser
  • From the top right of the panel, select Clone
  • In the new window, type the project name and select the owner

history advanced